Build Strength and Endurance With Our Kickboxing Classes

This may be a dangerous and competitive world, but with Anderson School of Taekwondo and fitness center kickboxing lessons you will be able to deal with anything. Sign up for our classes at (864) 905-5802, and we will help you build body character and strength. Our classes are led by master trainer able to bring out the warrior in you. Our services are available for adults and children in Greer, SC. Call us now and you will get a week of free instructions.

Anderson School of Taekwondo and fitness center martial arts school was established in the 1970s. Out leader is a taekwondo Grand Master who keeps strict discipline and order in every kickboxing class. Join us and we will teach you how to fight back any attack. If you want to join the professional fighters club then we can show you the way to success. With the help of our trainers, you can be the winner. Sign up now and see how your health improves and your body gets stronger. With our classes, you will become calmer and more certain in your own abilities. Sign up now and we will help you be better than yesterday!

Our training grounds are fully equipped and fit for beginners and advanced level fighters. We have gloves, body armor, bags and holdouts, foot guards, head and shin guards. We have a training space for the beginners and a ring for the advanced. Sign up for our kickboxing training classes regardless of your age. Our expert trainers will make sure you get ahead in the sport and improve your health.

Trust the professionals in Anderson School of Taekwondo and fitness center to improve your lifestyle and health. We have a gym, self-defense classes, taekwondo, and kickboxing classes available for anyone in Greer, SC. With us, you can become a professional fighter or practice just for fun. Reach us today to get your first lessons for free and before you know it you will notice how you become happier and more determined in every aspect of your life.