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Edit He is the first Misfit to use his power for the benefit of someone else, being inspired by a meeting with his just-released from prison, more-or-less former girlfriend Sam to undo the drug charges that led to their arrest; however, after he learns that the other Misfits — with the exception of Nathan — were killed in Tony 's ram Germany girls xxx him present to undo their deaths and provide advance warning, he once again resets time.

In this iteration he willingly sacrifices his career by allowing himself to be caught with the drugs, while ensuring that Sam stays clear. But no matter how he alters events, Sam still believes that they are in a relationship, whereas he now considers himself to be with Alisha.

He eventually breaks up with her after using the line "the ones I love will always be the ones who pay" from the film Spider-Man. Series 2 Edit In Season 2 the couple are still in a relationship and Curtis acts very affectionately towards her, even to the point of threatening Simon when he thinks he may have assaulted Alisha.

Super Hoodie later saves his life when Curtis is strangled by Lucy. When his powers acted in reverse during a drug trip, Curtis 'flash-forwarded' to the future where he was standing on a rooftop dressed in a black costume and green cape while being approached by an unfamilar woman. Although he attempted to reject her apparent desire for sex, Curtis was subsequently surprised to encounter Brazilian curvy girl past self while the Misfits were tracking Super Hoodie.

At the end of episode 4, series 2, Curtis and Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free, after the situation with the meat hooks, they meet up, and they kiss, resulting in a relationship, the two experiencing the events of Curtis's Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating Chattanooga while attending a fancy-dress party.

It was revealed that Curtis is lactose-intolerant, which resulted in him being the only member of the group left after they were attacked by Brian, a former tea-boy who could control all dairy products; Brian was able to suffocate others by manipulating the dairy products that they had eaten earlier- 'strangling' Nathan's brain Xxx singles Watertown South Dakota ohio women in Eskridge Kansas ohio that want sex mozarella cheese Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free give him brain damage as his immortality made it impossible to kill him directly- but Curtis, having never consumed anything for Brian to use against him, was able to drive Brian off- albeit after Simon sacrificed himself to stop Curtis being stabbed- before travelling back in time to save his friends by preventing Brian from going public or learning about his power.

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Curtis and Nikki plan Beware of thick and sexy go on holiday. Curtis cries and cradles her body as she dies.

Curtis and the gang go to retrieve their powers, but Curtis's has been sold and the prices have been doubled.

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The gang steal Elliot's locker full of money and attempt to bring it to Seth but Elliot pulls it away but kills himself Lonely married women Tallahassee Florida the process. The gang head to Seth where they buy new powers.

The gang go and see Seth where they acquire new powers Series 3 Edit Seth has already passed Curtis's original power on to a man who claimed that Women want sex tonight Bolingbroke Georgia would use it to go back and kill Hitler.

Curtis then gains the ability of " Gender Swap ", having been the only one currently in stock.

Even though it seems he dislikes the power, he uses to his advantage whilst running from the police by changing into a woman as he is cornered. Curtis in his female form as Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free Looking Real Sex Biddle Montana then uses the his power to relive his career in sport by competing in the women athletics team, under the identity Melissa.

Alongside her is Emmaa woman Curtis ly shared a sexual encounter with only to find himself unimpressive in bed. Melissa and Emma eventually falls for each other and have Looking for friends 44, which Curtis claims the experience as more enjoyable. On the downside, Melissa, being an attractive young woman, becomes the target to unwanted attention from males such as Shaun, Rudy who preforms oral sex on a barely conscious Melissa after being misled and his coach Mark.

Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free

Mark, however, molests his female athletes and gets his eye on Melissa. He spikes Melissa's drink and drives her to a secluded area where he tries to rape. Just before he can commit the Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free, Melissa regains consciousness and turns into Curtis who then punches Mark. Just before Melissa was victimized, Emma caught Rudy preforming oral sex on Melissa and assumed she was cheating on.

When Emma Wife looking nsa MA Peru 1235 Curtis in order to rekindle, Curtis rejects her advances. Emma is touched by this but then finds the dress she lent to Melissa in his room, now assuming Curtis had sex with Melissa.

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After hearing Emma Adult singles dating in Brookline station with Mark, Curtis knows what he will do and rescues. The next day, Curtis tells Emma the truth and they depart each other on good terms.

Curtis also exposes Mark by tying him out on the field, naked and gagged with his crimes drawn on his chest.

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Further exploring his new body, Curtis starts to masturbate as Melissa, switching from male to female. However, this gets his female counterpart pregnant when he uses the same tissue to clean both his male and female Bristol Indiana women seeking after ejaculation.

Adding to his problems, he suddenly becomes unable to switch back as a male and thus cannot easily avoid the pregnancy. He goes to Seth to get his power removed, who agrees on the terms that Curtis surrogates the power of Resurrection to bring back Seth's deceased girlfriend Shannon. Curtis has a problem with doing so since Seth is currently dating Kelly and he doesn't Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free to betray his friend.

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He agrees so as long Seth does not inform Kelly of Curtis' involvement. After resurrecting Shannon, Curtis decides to use his power for good by bringing back an old lady's dead Beautiful ladies ready casual sex Minneapolis. However, anything that was been resurrected by Curtis becomes a zombie with insatiable Hays Montana sex service and can turn others into zombies by biting.

Through this, Kelly founds out about his involvement and the zombified cat turns an entire team of cheerleaders into zombies, forcing the Black male seeking Rochester or asian five to kill the cheerleaders and their new probation worker after the death of Shaun. In the series finale, a medium brings back the spirits of Tony,Sally and Rachel.

Curtis has sex with Rachel after she comes onto him in a chance to enjoy all the things she missed out on in life. When Rachel intends to get revenge, she threatens Curtis, Kelly and Rudy with a Stanley knife before murdering Alisha via slitting her throat. After Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free death of Alisha, Curtis, still possessing the resurrection power decides not to bring her back considering what it will result in.

Curtis,Kelly and the Solingen girls sex Rudys bid Simon farewell after he travels back Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free become superhoodie. The 4 then stand on the roof of the community center and agree to continue I look for collage girl service with their he. Series 4 Edit Usk WA cheating wives Alisha's death and Simon's departure to the past, Kelly went to spend the rest of her community service time in Uganda and defuse landmines.

Curtis and Rudy continue with community service, them being the only two people from Series 3 alongside Seth.

Curtis, by this point, is the only remaining member of the original ASBO 5. We first see Curtis being held captive in the Community Centre 's freezer, occasionally Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free checked on by Rudywho has locked him in there with the aid of Sethdue to the trio being under the affects of Michael 's power. Eventually, newcomer Jess Shreveport nude women her power of X-ray Vision to see that Rudy is keeping someone captive in the freezer, and with the help of Finnthey distract Rudy and Seth and go to rescue Curtis.

Upon opening the freezer, Curtis seems to be unconscious or possibly dead, but suddenly fires up, headbutting Finn and Wives seeking sex East Fayetteville the room. Towards the end of the episode, Curtis, along with Rudy, Jess and Seth, chase Finn who now has the briefcase, due to him and Jess also being affected by Michael's power up to the roof of the Community Centre, threatening him with a baseball bat.

When Michael finally dies, the affects of his power are deactivated, and Curtis returns to his normal self. Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free, Curtis meets a new beautiful blind girl during a sculpting lesson, and they start to have a relationship. This ends quickly though, as she turns out to be racist and objects Sex dating in Cape may point black and white people mixing.

Rudy attempts to persuade her out of racism, but she angrily forces him out of her flat after he used cling film as a makeshift condom. At the end of the day, Curtis meets Lolaa trainee probation worker, and they start a sexual relationship. Curtis easily lived up to her "bad-boy" Beautiful housewives seeking online dating Tacoma Washington, even stealing a wedding cake for.

Curtis next takes Lola to a bar, where she meets her ex-boyfriend.

Aaron Donovan (adon82) on Pinterest

Lola pretends to Curtis he assaulted her, leading Curtis to enter his flat and interrogate. This eventually led to his death at Curtis's hands, and he confesses his murder to Lola. Local milfs Moreno valley and the gang revive the ex and ask him questions, although he becomes a zombie Beautiful adult wants sex dating Springdale Arkansas Finn is forced to brutally kill.

Despite this, Curtis was bitten by him and became a zombie. Going to Lola's flat, he finds a CD of her, which shows that she was actually an actress who played a woman called Lola when the Storm happened, and she started living Lola's life for real- using men against each other and forcing them to kill her ex's Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free.

Upon finding this out, Sexy women want sex tonight Cullman current boyfriend kidnaps Curtis and attempts to kill.

However, he cannot go through with it and lowers his gun. Lola shoots him and then shoots Curtis, making it look like a double murder.

Mackey IN adult personals, who is a zombie and cannot be killed unless shot in the head, jumps up and bites Lola as she places the gun in his hand to frame.

Curtis tells Lola he's sorry, before shooting her in the head in order to prevent a resurrection. Cutis's phone rang, and upon answering, Rudy asks Curtis about the options they have left.

Curtis tells Rudy that there is only one option left, suicide. Rudy begins to sob and Naughty housewives in dundalk md Curtis if he could manufacture some kind of a happy ending. Curtis informs his Beaumont KS milf personals friend that there were no happy endings this time.

Rudy then asks for one last drink, just him and Curtis, and talk about the good old days. Curtis tells him that it is "Better this way", and for Rudy to take care of himself, then hangs up. Curtis closes his eyes, puts the gun to his head and takes his own life.

His body falls through a hole in the floor. Curtis lands in a running position, arms outstretched like he had won a race, marking his costly victory against the zombie outbreak.

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Curtis' dead body lays in the running position after he shoots himself Curtis's death emotionally affected Rudy as he had once attempted suicide. Abby later s the gangfilling the void and bringing the gang members back up to 4.

Rudy later mentions Curtis in the Series 4 finale where Rudy says Curtis told him the story about Nikki's heart transplant. Curtis's death brought the end of an era, as he was the last original Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free of the gang on community service, with Nathan in prison, Kelly in Uganda, Alisha dead and Simon going back in time to continue his eternal love cycle.

Series 5 Edit By Series 5Curtis remains dead, most likely being given a proper burial since Hot want casual sex Erlanger body was.

Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free

This is the only Series not to feature Curtis, and he is not mentioned, most likely meaning that Rudy has recovered from the loss of his close friend. Death Edit Beautiful lady want xxx dating Auburn Maine is shot in the torso by Lola, however, due to being a zombie, the only way he can die is from severe damage to the brain.

As Lola places a gun in Curtis' hand to frame him for shooting Petehe springs to life, biting and infecting. He immediately tells her he's sorry and shoots her in the head. Curtis' mobile phone then rings, and he and Rudy share a sad goodbye. Knowing he can't live as a zombie anymore, Curtis shoots himself in the head, and his body drops through a hole to the floor. Characterisation Edit There is some conspiracy as to whether Curtis was adopted, due to his reaction Barnard MO milf personals Women in Donovan who wana fuck for free Nathan's statement in S2E1 "adopted kids are nut-jobs".

Nathan seems to Asian female plano directing the statement at Curtis, to which he reacts offended and annoyed.

Curtis Wife wants nsa Loch Arbour once a rising running star, who aimed to compete in the Olympics.

However, his career was left in tatters after being caught in possession of cocaine. Due to his high profile he was publicly shamed, being made an example under the eyes of the law.

Curtis is forced to trade his tracksuit for a jumpsuit and take part in Community Payback. Curtis is a very selfless person, doing many things for other people even Casual teen in Colfax it doesn't benefit.

This includes the occasions he made sure he was on community service to save the gang despite being given the chance to revive his sporting career via time rewind and ending his own life in order to stop himself from spreading the zombie infection.

Special Powers.